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  • Internal Dataset

    Eye movements evoked by simultaneous stimulation of two sites in superior colliculus

    • Katnani, Husam
    • Gandhi, Neeraj

    The authors measured eye movements evoked by electrical stimulation delivered simultaneously to two sites in the superior colliculus of nonhuman primates. The effects of current frequency and intensity on movement trajectories are available. The data are potentially useful for understanding algorithms for decoding movement commands from population activity in the superior colliculus.

    • Electric Stimulation
    • Eye Movement Measurements
    • Macaca mulatta
    • Microstimulation
    • Superior Colliculi
    • Vector averaging
    • Vector summation
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  • Internal Dataset

    Data from: Monkeys exhibit a paradoxical decrease in performance in high-stakes scenarios

    • Smoulder, Adam L.
    • Pavlovsky, Nicholas P.
    • Marino, Patrick J.
    • Degenhart, Alan D.
    • 3 more author(s)...

    This dataset includes pre-processed reaching movement kinematic data generated by three adult male rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta). The animals were trained to perform a challenging delayed-reaching task in which they knew in advance the magnitude of the reward they would earn for a successful movement. The experiments were conducted to determine whether nonhuman animals "choke under pressure" (perform...

    • Behavior, Animal
    • Macaca mulatta
    • Motivation
    • Motor Skills
    • Psychomotor Performance
    • Reward
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