Electrophysiology File Converters to HDF5
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Author(s): Horn, Charles C.*+, Rosenberg, David M. * Corresponding Author + University of Pittsburgh Author
This Github repository contains Python code to convert electrophysiology data files to Numpy arrays and save them to HDF5. The package contains example Spike2 data, a Jupyter notebook, and Python code to be executed within the notebook.
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Python script, Jupyter notebook, and example Spike2 data

Access Restrictions
Free to all
Access Instructions
Download via Github. Requires Python, Jupyter (required for using the notebook to run the Python script), Numpy, Matplotlib, Neo (these converters make heavy use of the Neo package). MIT license requires a copyright notice and permission notice to be included in all copies or substantial portions of the software.
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Software Used
Jupyter Notebook
Dataset Format(s)
PY (.py), Spike2 data (.smr, .smrx), IPYNB (.ipynb), HDF5 (.h5, .hdf5, .he5)
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2.41 MB
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