Transcriptomic profiles of mycobacteriophage D29, L5 and StarStuff
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Author(s): Hatfull, Graham F.+, Dedrick, Rebekah M.*+, Mavrich, Travis N.+, Garlena, Becky+ * Corresponding Author + University of Pittsburgh Author
This dataset contains twelve high throughput sequenced gene expression profiles of mycobacterium smegmatis infected with (1) mycobacteriophage D29 at 15min, 30min, 60min, and 150min, (2) mycobacteriophage StarStuff itself and at 15min, 30min, 60min, and 150min, and (3) mycobacteriophage L5 itself and at 30min and 150 min. Total RNA was isolated, depleted of rRNA, and library prepped.
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Expression profiling by high throughput sequencing.
Accession #: GSE99182

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Raw data for 12 samples.
Accession #: SRP107805

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Overall project information and data.
Accession #: PRJNA387480

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Free to all
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The NCBI Gene Expression Omnibus, Sequence Read Archive, and BioProject databases provide open access to these files.
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Illumina MiSeq
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SeaView 4
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SOFT (.soft), MINiML (.miniml, .xml), TXT (.txt)
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HHMI 54308198/Howard Hughes Medical Institute
NSF1247842/National Science Foundation
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