Counts of diphtheria reported in the United States of America: 1888-1981
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Author(s): Van Panhuis, Willem*+, Cross, Anne+, Burke, Donald+ * Corresponding Author + University of Pittsburgh Author
This dataset includes 370739 records in a data file of counts for reported diphtheria cases in the United States and a readme file explaining the origin of Project Tycho datasets, information about their format, suggested data management before analysis, user license information, citation, and contact information. Metadata for the dataset is available in DATS or DataCite XML format but is not included in the .zip data file.
1888 - 1981
Geographic Coverage
United States
Subject of Study
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Data, readme, and metadata in DATS or DataCite XML
Accession #: US.397428000

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Free to all with registration
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Download data and documentation through Project Tycho link
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CSV (.csv)
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Grant Support
49276/Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
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