Data from: Monkeys exhibit a paradoxical decrease in performance in high-stakes scenarios
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Author(s): Smoulder, Adam L., Pavlovsky, Nicholas P.+, Marino, Patrick J.+, Degenhart, Alan D.+, McClain, Nicole T.+ * Corresponding Author + University of Pittsburgh Author

This dataset includes pre-processed reaching movement kinematic data generated by three adult male rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta). The animals were trained to perform a challenging delayed-reaching task in which they knew in advance the magnitude of the reward they would earn for a successful movement. The experiments were conducted to determine whether nonhuman animals "choke under pressure" (perform worse under higher expectations).

A README file at the linked GitHub repository contains full descriptions of the data files and definitions of fields.

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Pittsburgh Chapter Award/ARCS Foundation
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Career Award in the Biomedical Sciences/Burroughs Wellcome Fund
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