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The MIDAS Online Portal for COVID-19 Modeling Research is a clearinghouse for sharing datasets, published estimates on epidemiological characteristics (both peer-reviewed and non-), and software for dashboard monitoring, data processing, modeling, and visualization related to the 2019 novel coronavirus pandemic (formerly referred to as 2019-nCoV acute respiratory disease). Information in the portal has been selected from reputable scientific sources and from the computational modeling community within MIDAS, the Models of Infectious Disease Agent Study whose coordination center is located at the University of Pittsburgh.

Public-access data collections are shared via the MIDAS Github repository. Peer-reviewed parameter estimates have been compiled separately from non-peer-reviewed parameter estimates, and both are shared via the Github repository. Software is hosted at each creator's own Github repository (or another site) and is not maintained by the MIDAS portal. This is a developing resource and is subject to change. Direct links to all resources are available from the portal linked from this record.

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Public-access data collections, parameter estimates, and community-created software

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Access data and software via the MIDAS COVID-19 Portal. Datasets and parameters are hosted via the MIDAS Github; software packages are hosted on external contributor sites.
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