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With an emphasis on reaching historically underrepresented populations, the datasets from the All of Us Research Program include:

  • Electronic health records (OMOP CDM used to standardize all EHR data)
  • Biosamples (blood, urine, and saliva)
  • Mobile health data (from wearable devices that may track biometric data like heart rate and blood pressure)
  • Physical measurements (height, weight, BMI, waist circumference, hip circumference, blood pressure, heart rate, pregnancy status, and wheelchair use)
  • Surveys (there are three core surveys: basic demographics, lifestyle/substance use, and overall health. Additional ones on health care access and utilization, personal and family medical history, and the impact of COVID-19 are available)
  • Genomic data in the form of whole genome sequencing (WGS) and genotyping arrays

The Research Hub divides data into three tiers:

  • Public Tier dataset: contains only anonymized, aggregate data available to everyone through the Data Browser (does not allow download).
  • Registered Tier dataset: contains individual-level data, available only to approved researchers on the Researcher Workbench. Authorized users also have access to tools such as the Cohort Builder, Jupyter Notebooks, and Dataset Builder.
  • Controlled Tier dataset: contains genomic data in the form of whole genome sequencing (WGS) and genotyping arrays, previously suppressed demographic data fields from EHRs and surveys, and unshifted dates of events.
2017 - Present
Geographic Coverage
United States
Subject of Study
Population Age
Subject Gender
Subject Sex
Access via Data Browser (Public Tier)

Data are de-identified, limited to aggregate counts and summary demographic information.

Access via Researcher Workbench (Registered and Controlled Tiers)

Curated dataset contains individual-level data, available only to approved researchers.

Access Restrictions
Free to all
Application required
Fee required
Access Instructions
University of Pittsburgh has signed a Data Use and Registration Agreement with the All of Us Research Program, allowing Pitt researchers to apply for Registered and Controlled Tier access. Required steps are outlined on the Apply to be an All of Us Researcher Webpage. There is no cost to access the Researcher Workbench, however computation costs for analyses may be incurred through Google Cloud Platform. The All of Us Research Program provides $300 in free credits for each registered Researcher Workbench user. These credits will help pay for preliminary storage and initial computational needs, if you need to spend more, you will need to set up an associated billing account.
Other Resources
Data Methodology

Includes program protocol, data curation process, and data dictionary

Survey Explorer

Survey instruments in English and Spanish

User Support Hub

Documentation, tutorials, and help resources

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